Gettin' Started!

Use max HP for your first level. For subsequent levels, roll again if you roll under the average for the hit die.

And, starting gold is the same. Roll for your starting cash, but if you roll under the average for the class, roll again.

Someone asked about the dual parties in the campaign. Technically speaking, you’re not 2 separate groups. You’re place with a specific night can be temporary. When your party gets back to town, you can jump to the other party once they also arrive. And, depending on availability, we might be able to play other nights than Monday & Friday.

By the way, we definitely will NOT be doing the ‘… so you’re in a tavern …’ thing for the first session. Unless there are strenuous objections, we can assume that your characters have at least some familiarity with one another, and that each of you is eager to join with others of a like mind. The surrounding landscape is dotted with grim reminders of a rich past: decaying aqueducts, crumbling stone walls, and strange obelisks that rise from the ground. All too often, these places have become home to horrific menaces, some powerful enough to freeze their witnesses to the spot by way of sheer terror. Perhaps decent civilized folk can reclaim their ancient heritage, if only the dadgum monsters were cleared out of the way. And, those that do the clearing are sure to reap the wealth!

I’ll also be sharing additional knowledge specific to your characters. This knowledge may be of some aid to you, in helping your party decide on a destination.

Gettin' Started!

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